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Second Heal (-o-) [Written/Action]

[Morning; Written]
[This morning, Yellow's just flopped on the middle of the floor of House 15, doodling away in her journal. The drawings include a giant rat, three-headed ostrich thing, a rock, a tentacle shell monster, and a butterfly. Oh what the heck, she'll throw her Pikachu and even Mewtwo in the drawing too. Mainly because Chuchu, who is flopped right next to Yellow, suggested it. Look at all the pretty monsters gaiz. Originally this was just out of boredom, but after a moment, Yellow gets an idea. So she'll write underneath the drawing:]

If anyone happens to see any of these Pokémon, could you please let me know? --Er, well, aside from Chuchu and Mewtwo. They're already here. Apparently two of the others could show up sometime, so yeah... I miss them a lot.

[Afternoon; Action]
[Later on, around noon/the early afternoon, two of those pocket monsters will actually show up! Not that Yellow knows yet, of course. So they'll just be frolicking around Luceti. Ratty--the Raticate/rat thing--will pop up in the fountain and then scamper around the plaza. What a gorgeous wet rat it is.

The other Pokémon to show up is Dody--the three-headed bird--which is awkwardly perched on top of Community Building 2. It'll just stare at anyone walking by. And watch them. And contemplate whether or not to jump down. Quite a decision for this three-headed thing to make. Yep.

Later on, Yellow can be seen walking around with them wherever.]

First Heal (-o-) [Accidental Video]

[Sup Luceti. Feast your eyes upon a screen full of yellowness. If you notice the grass surrounding it, you may figure out that that yellowness is the tunic-covered rear end of a person sitting in front of her journal. A voice may speak up every now and then, mumbling to a Pikachu with a flower on its head, which may also show up on the feed on occasion.

Yellow had been venturing through the forest for some time now since she's woken up. On the way, she happened to find her clothes from home, and so she changed into them. And then she ventured some more. And more. And more. Wow this forest is big. The walk had been rather tiring, and the pain on her back probably wasn't helping much either. So now she's just taking a break, sitting by a river, and from there, trying to see where it leads to. There has to be some sort of civilization somewhere, right?

Little did she know, the video feed on the journal was turned on. So feel free to speak up or something.]


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